OE Error: The Price List is not in use for this item and specified customer.

I have all modules converted (OE Tax, GL, AP, AR, IC), but have error when trying to convert OE. There is nothing that indicates what Price List, Item or customer. This is Multicurrency data (CAD, USD, EUR). IC has 6 Price List (3 CAD, 3 USD), ALB, ALBX, CDN, CDNX, USD, USDX. The Default Price List during IC conversion was set to CAD, This would create a new Price List Code CAD and add it to all IC items and OE records during conversion from Accpac Plus to Sage 300 (5.4) when no Accpac Plus Price List Code exists.

I did run rvspy and dbspy but did not finding anything useful.
Allan Ogilvie