I am using Plus for more than 20 years, and processing Y-End in Peresoft CB 6.5B, and I try to print and clear Batch status to 1. It prints & clears the batches, but does not give the usual option to reset the batch to 1.
If I reprint the Batch status everything is set to zero

Without this batch reset to 1 it wont allow me to continue with Year End

I have been printing to file without any issues closing YE in OE an IC successfully. I have also tried to print to a printer with no success in seeing the option to reset the batch to 1.

I have printed and cleared ....
-Posted all Batched
-Printed and cleared postal journals
-Completed recon
-All batches have been printed and posted
-CB report has been printed
-bank recon has been printed

Please assist


--- I have just found a deleted batch entry no 95 that I cannot edit or delete