Hi All,

Several years ago I purchased for a company an HP AllInOne computer with a Windows 7 OS. I asked the technician if he would be able to make that computer work with the A+ DOS program. I gave him a copy of my friend's A+ WSM and GL in a flash drive.

Somehow that technician was able to make the A+ program work in the HP AllInOne but he won't tell me how he did it. Later on, we upgraded that AllInOne computer to Windows 10 OS with Microsoft's free upgrade and the A+ program still worked.

A friend of mine is just thinking that it would be handy to have a backup HP AllInOne computer with Windows 10 OS that will work with A+ DOS programs. My friend is in the bookkeeping and tax preparation business and has both the Adagio 8.1A and A+ GL program in her Desktop computer with Windows XP OS.

Could someone please tell me how to make the A+ WSM and GL version 6.5 work on an HP AllInOne with Windows 10 OS? My friend is willing to invest in a modern computer if I will be able to give the information to a technician how to do it. I could no longer find the former technician who was successful in doing it.

Thanks in advance from all who can help.