We recently upgraded from ACCPAC 4.2A to WSM 5.3A. We switched from Pervasive 2000 to MS SQL 2005. To do this we had to first upgrade to WSM 5.3A with Pervasive then did a DBDUMP and a DBLOAD into MS SQL.

Since we purchased ACCPAC 5.3 SQL we had to install a temporary Pervasive license. Now the Pervasive license has expired and we keep getting error message. We have tried to delete the LP53A.LIC and reinstalling the System Manager but once we reinstall the SQL license, the Pervasive expired license shows up again.

It seems that ACCPAC stores the license information in some Windows file. We have tried searching the Registry but didn't find the list of LANPAK license.

Does anyone know know where ACCPAC stores the LANPAK numbers installed.