Hello everyone, through trial and error and testing, I managed to cobble together some vb.net code with resources around the Internet in vs2017 but I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly.

1. Is this the correct dll to reference in vs.net?
- Interop.AccpacCOMAPI.dll

2. I wanted to use the finder and I found this, Interop.AccpacFinder.dll. What other dlls can I use to help me with programming, and more importantly, where can I find information on them?

3. I'm trying to create an interface for maintaining a list of shipments/invoices that have not been picked, and allow the user to set different statuses for each detail line item.

My intention is to have the my app sync the required information from sage's main database to another database so that I don't interfere with sage's operation.

I have previously written something similar but I was not aware of the api then. Now that I know of the api, I would like to know how to use comapi to do something like "get the last 10 shipments"?