On July 2, 2020 we released our “We Wear Because We Care” campaign. As states close back down and people think masks are optional, the message is more important.

"We Wear Because We Care" and "I Wear Because I Care" are great messages that people and businesses can be proud of.

Because WE care, we are giving away templates and website banners for public and corporate use.

Examples of the social media templates are available on the website.
You can find 4 website banners on our website: Las Vegas Homes

No personal information is gathered and it takes under a minute to put a picture on the template. Then they can be shared directly from our site with just a click.

Please join with our efforts and help stop the spread of COVID-19 with a caring approach to mask wearing.

We hope you’ll choose to spread the word and utilize our templates to do so.
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