There is a new Adagio module that will be released soon called Adagio DocStore. Adagio DocStore is a document storage solution that allows documents like vendor invoices to be attached to transactions in Adagio and be viewed from transaction inquiry in Payables, Receivables, Ledger, etc.

DocStore is a great reason to considering moving from ACCPAC Plus to a modern Windows-based accounting system.

Softrak System has created a new video showing the features of Adagio DocStore. Watch it here:
Adagio DocStore - What can it do for you?

With Adagio DocStore, you can reduce physical storage requirements. You no longer need to keep hard copies of vendor invoices, etc. (Please consult with your lawyer and CPA for hard copy document retention requirements before disposing of any hard copies). You can also simplify audit preparation. You can easily copy all vendor invoices for the year to a thumb drive and give it to your auditors.

If you are not familiar with Adagio, it is the natural upgrade path from ACCPAC Plus that converts all your ACCPAC Plus data.

Until October 31, you can get Adagio DocStore for 50% off.
Howard Schell, Micro Mgt Assocs, NYC