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#53246 - 09/26/17 02:54 PM AR Invoice batch Accpac Plus (AR Version 6.5A)

Registered: 08/29/03
Posts: 99
Loc: canada
We are still running Accpac Plus and no planning to upgrade for a while.
We have custom made invoicing system (MS Access/Visual Basic) and manually entering printed invoices into Accpac AR like:
- type 'Invoice'
- customer no
- document no (invoice no)
- date
- reference (invoice no)
- description (customer name)
G/L invoice ditribution
- subtotal (one revenue account)
- tax (one tax account)
I am wondering if would be possible to export selected invoices from our invoicing system (custom made, full access, can be modified) into proper format recognized by Accpac AR module (ARIBATCH file).
I need to know the format of the invoice batch file (files) so it can be imported directly without manual data entry.
Any help, please?

#53247 - 09/26/17 03:11 PM Re: AR Invoice batch Accpac Plus (AR Version 6.5A) [Re: JP]

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 299
Loc: New York, NY USofA
Hi JP:
#1 - You really need to get off ACCPAC Plus and DOS. It's very dangerous to be running an old, no longer supported operating system in the age of Ransomware.
How many years have you been entering invoice manually?
I may be able to dig up the Plus A/R import format. Please send me an email at:

Include your contact info.
It will cost you sitting through a demo of Adagio.
Howard Schell, Micro Mgt Assocs, NYC

#53249 - 09/26/17 05:47 PM Re: AR Invoice batch Accpac Plus (AR Version 6.5A) [Re: MMA]
Steve Schwartz Moderator

Registered: 07/30/00
Posts: 1781
Loc: Wynnewood, PA

Where is your AR manual? It's covered in one of the appendices.

Howard uses the "you are about to die" approach to convincing users to get off of ACCPAC Plus. I use the "you are going to love it" approach. I love ACCPAC Plus, but Adagio is so much better and has no downside other than it will cost you money.

Among its "so much better" features is that you can import invoices in almost any format you want, either CSV or Excel. No need to conform to a secret format.


#53253 - 09/27/17 10:41 AM Re: AR Invoice batch Accpac Plus (AR Version 6.5A) [Re: Steve Schwartz]

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 299
Loc: New York, NY USofA
Thanks for that...
We all loved ACCPAC Plus (past tense intended).

Are you advocating running ACCPAC Plus for businesses?

It is extremely risky to use a DOS program for something mission-critical like accounting i.e. producing invoices, tracking orders, keeping track of inventory, keeping track of who owes you money, etc.

ACCPAC Plus has not had any updates in 20 years! It is not really Y2K compliant even with the latest service packs.It was totally discontinued in 2006.

Most companies still running Plus are doing so on antiquated servers and workstations since DOS doesn't run properly on anything later than Windows XP. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April, 2014. Updates are no longer being issued for Windows XP. Using Windows XP leaves the user wide-open for a Ransomware attack.

Every month, we receive at least one or two calls from ACCPAC Plus users whose ancient computer hardware has failed, they are unable to access ACCPAC Plus and have lost their ability to conduct business and to know who owes them money.

They then find that the floppy disks they were depending on in case of disaster are unusable, either;
- they no longer actually have a disk drive
- if they do have a disk drive, it no longer functions
- the magnetic media is no longer readable (diskettes have a shelf life of about 10 years)

Then they realize that ACCPAC Plus being a DOS program cannot run on anything later than Windows XP, which is no longer supported or available, so they have to see if they can find a used computer with XP on it (prone to failure again).

Then they discover that even though their I.T. person or non-ACCPAC computer consultant has assured them that they have backed up ACCPAC Plus, critical or hidden files are missing and ACCPAC Plus cannot be restored.

There is no where left to obtain ACCPAC Plus installation media. ACCPAC International discontinued ACCPAC Plus in 2006 and the business was bought by Sage Software where no one today even remembers what ACCPAC Plus is. Their successor product no longer converts data from ACCPAC Plus and no longer uses the Accpac name. The few consultants who remember and work with ACCPAC Plus are legally precluded from giving the software to end users.

The #1 cause of these hardware failures is the hard disk. Current hard drives with much improved technology have a Component Design Life of 5 years and an Annualized Failure Rate of less than 0.8%. This means if your drive is 20 years old, there is at least a 16% chance of it failing (probably much higher since it is much older technology).

Recommending a company continue to use ACCPAC Plus is a disservice.
Howard Schell, Micro Mgt Assocs, NYC

#53255 - 09/28/17 11:30 AM Re: AR Invoice batch Accpac Plus (AR Version 6.5A) [Re: JP]

Registered: 08/06/10
Posts: 66
Loc: Oregon
Yes you need to read your manuals. I love the old fashioned printed manuals!

But if you go into A/R and find the export function, this will show you pretty much what is available in the import function. Make a copy of your data somewhere else and try exporting, then importing to see if you can learn what import format works for you.

The think I think will hang you up is that I don't believe there is a function in A/R to import taxes. O/E would send that I think to G/L in that batch ... but we don't collect sales tax in Oregon so I've never followed it.

Why are you using A/R unless it's also sending to G/L? I assume you don't have O/E ... seems like your custom invoices would be better entered into O/E where things would flow naturally.

Regarding equipment and security ... all said is true. BUT you can with care and skill mitigate the risks.

We keep separate networks and computer terminals for PLUS so it don't matter about Microsoft and the like. We host our files on a WIN2003 server that is doing just fine (better than our old Novel server) and we have for dirt cheap a duplicate server on standby in case we have server failure. Our workstations are running Win98SE and we have always on hand multiple power supplies and each workstation has a mirrored hard drive which is in the case ready to swap cables if needed, which makes disaster recovery possible. We also have spare workstations on Win98SE and on Win2K ready to plug in if needed.

Clearly I'm not using my Win98SE terminal to type this online message, it's my up to date laptop on a different OS and quite frankly I find it easier to have two computers on my desk and be able to go back and forth between online and internal work than to have multiple windows open. When I need data moved back and forth, we use a thumb drive.

#53256 - 09/29/17 08:41 AM Re: AR Invoice batch Accpac Plus (AR Version 6.5A) [Re: edkraus]

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 299
Loc: New York, NY USofA
Hi Ed: Great explanation of the special care and redundancy that one needs to take if they are going to be running ACCPAC Plus. You can't just run something that old and antiquated on one system with uncertain, untested backup and expect that it will not break someday.

I worked with JP and he has his A/R invoice format working now.
Howard Schell, Micro Mgt Assocs, NYC

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