I created an invoice in error for a Vendor. I paid the invoice. After realizing the pmt should have been applied to various other invoices for same vendor. Which I had already done. I went to go reverse the payment, but in error reversed the invoice first prior to doing so. Thus, creating a Credit Note for the vendor in error. There should be NO credit for the Vendor. But of course shows up the Vendor GL and in the payment journal. I need to reverse this CREDIT NOTE. How do I go about doing so? I read that to create a Purchase invoice for same amount and then pay through payment journal to wipe out the credit note. My confusion to doing this, when I create the purchase invoice where am I expensing this amount? Would it not increase the expenses in the I&E report?
All in all - Credit Note needs to be reversed, no payment was ever taken out of the bank account.
Thank you.