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#43606 - 04/26/11 01:33 PM ACCPAC Plus (DOS) G/L Printing in a loop

Registered: 04/26/11
Posts: 1
Loc: BC Canada
Problem started recently. I have 3 companies. For 2 of them the G/L prints fine. For one company when I print the G/L it prints page 1 and then part of page 2. About a 1/4 of the way into printing page 2 it starts reprinting page 1. It falls into this cycle indefinitely. Printing to screen works fine. Everything else in this file prints fine, it's just the G/L that I have all of a sudden having problems with.

Any ideas.

#43607 - 04/26/11 04:34 PM Re: ACCPAC Plus (DOS) G/L Printing in a loop [Re: accpacguy]
Douglas Dickie Moderator

Registered: 07/20/00
Posts: 937
Loc: Langley, BC Canada
If you can print to screen then it's not likely ACCPAC Plus.

What's different about this database;
Does this database pass data integrity check?
Are you using the same workstation and printer?
What operating system, network, and printer?
Douglas Dickie
AccSys Solutions Inc.

#43608 - 04/26/11 04:40 PM Re: ACCPAC Plus (DOS) G/L Printing in a loop [Re: accpacguy]
Kate Spontak

Registered: 09/12/01
Posts: 344
Loc: Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
Since printing to screen is fine, the ACCPAC part is ok, but sending the job to the printer seems to be the problem. If the GL has a lot of transactions, the job may be timing out because the wait for the next part to be sent is too long.
On the properties for your printer, try changing the spooler settings, maybe to have it start printing only after the whole job is sent to the printer.
Another option would be to print to a word file and then print the file to paper.
Kate Spontak

#43609 - 04/26/11 04:48 PM Re: ACCPAC Plus (DOS) G/L Printing in a loop [Re: accpacguy]

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 305
Loc: New York, NY USofA
This was a problem with one of the HP printer drivers for Accpac Plus. There was solution issued for it by Accpac 100 some odd years ago.
Did you change your printer setup recently?
If you need help, email me at the address below and I will see if I can dig up the fix.
Howard Schell, Micro Mgt Assocs, NYC

#43823 - 06/02/11 02:25 PM Re: ACCPAC Plus (DOS) G/L Printing in a loop [Re: MMA]
Wayne Wagstaff

Registered: 08/24/00
Posts: 1039
Loc: Surrey, B.C.
One way to test the problem is to print the report fo file (say problem.prn) and then go in to DOS and print the files (I believe it is Print LPT1: problem.prn). If you do not know about networks and printers, it is nice to be able to say to the tech "Why can not this file print in DOS? Please fix it!" By doing this, you are out of the Plus program and in to DOS. Now you can change the printer as such as you want and keep printing to it until it works. This would eliminate the time out issue that was mentioned as the whole file is there to start with. If you aere sparing the printer, I wonder if the other person is getting "in" and causing your job to be dropped and restarted.
Wayne Wagstaff,CMA,MBA,BSc,BEd
The Reliable Adagio & ERP Consultant

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