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#11003 - 01/12/04 01:41 PM Patch for Simply
Stephanie R

Registered: 11/17/03
Posts: 15
Loc: Canada
Does anyone know if Simply has come up with a fix for the bank recs problem, I am waiting to catch up in my work. Thank-you in advance.
#11004 - 01/13/04 02:15 AM Re: Patch for Simply
Ralph Allan

Registered: 05/16/03
Posts: 993
Loc: Prince George BC Canada
The latest from Simply on this is:

Resolved and Discrepancy Amounts in Bank Reconciliation in Simply Accounting 2004

Resolved and Discrepancy are showing amounts in the Bank Reconciliation and the system prevents the user from posting. You'll get discrepancy results when the opening balance plus resolved transactions (and additional bank transactions) doesn't equal the ending balance. Sometimes a discrepancy can also occur for the following reasons:

1. 1. Some items have been accidentally cleared

2. 2. Items were not included in the original bank rec. setup

3. 3. When adjustments have been entered

4. 4. When wrong amounts are posted in the bank rec. module.

You should first check your opening balance and if the opening balance does not match your bank statement's opening balance for the period then you will need to re-set bank reconciliation again. (You may also need to correct your GL balances for adjustments improperly posted in Simply 2003.) If your opening balance does match your bank statement's opening balance, then you will have to check the ending balance and the list of resolved transactions against your bank statement to find the discrepancy.

In order to re-setup bank reconciliation again make sure you do the bank reconciliation manually first and then re-setup the bank reconciliation as of the last month that has been successfully reconciled. To re-setup, please see below:

NOTE: Please save a copy of the data file and do not overwrite any of the backups.

The Account Reconciliation feature involves detailed procedures listed below that must be followed, step-by-step.

Part A - To prepare for setting up Bank Reconciliation again:

1. Find the Account Reconciliation Detail Report for the previous month. (If necessary print the Account Reconciliation Report sorted by Statement End date)

2. In the Home window, double-click on Accounts. Select your Bank account. Click on Account Reconciliation. Unmark the box beside Save Transactions For Account Reconciliation

3. Close the ledger to save the changes.

4. Click on OK to remove all reconciliation information.

Part B - To set up Bank Reconciliation again:

1. In the Home window, double-click on Accounts, double-click on your Bank account again, click on Account Reconciliation and put a mark in the box beside Save Transactions For Account Reconciliation. The Set Up button will appear on the bottom of the page. You can click on it and setup revenue accounts for Interest income, Exchange gain, Error-Gain, and Adjustments. You can also setup expense accounts for bank charges, NSF Fee, and Interest Expense. You can also rename the types of Interest and Expense found from the bank statement.

2. Double-click on the Account Reconciliation Journal from the Home Window and choose the bank account you want to setup the reconciliation. You must enter Statement start and end dates, and the reconciliation date. From the report provided from your financial institution, you must also enter in the Statement Opening Balance as of the statement start date and the Statement End Balance as of the statement end date.

3. In addition, you will have to list those transactions that were outstanding prior to your statement start date. To create this list, click the Add Prior Outstanding button and select those transactions from the list of resolved transactions or insert transactions manually. (If you have no outstanding transactions, create a list without outstanding transactions.)

Tip: Often the easiest way to select outstanding amounts is to click on the Add All button, then remove any transactions that have cleared your account by clicking on them and then clicking on remove.

4. When you have finished selecting outstanding amounts, click OK.

5. You are now ready to start reconciling your bank statement make sure your unresolved and discrepancy amount are zero before you are ready to post.

Hope this helps.

Ralph Allan
Business Computer Centre
Prince George BC Canada
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#11005 - 01/15/04 03:37 PM Re: Patch for Simply

Registered: 11/24/00
Posts: 55
Loc: Canada
The 2004 patch arrived!
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