02/02/16 06:50 PM
Read-Only Error

I'm receiving the following error:

"Sage Simply Accounting cannot open the database because some database files are read-only. Please ensure you have sufficient rights to the filed, then try again."

I closed the program and when I went to reopen it that error came up. Now I can't get back in to work on my program. Its my program and I'm the only user.

Any help would be so appreciated.


Andrew BatesAdministrator
02/05/16 08:31 AM
Re: Read-Only Error

Did you restore the file from a CD? CD files are marked as read only when they are copied to your PC.

Google "mark files read-write in Windows" for detailed instructions on how to mark the database read-write.

06/24/21 06:13 PM
Re: Read-Only Error

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