Robert Y Ng
05/06/13 04:58 AM
Crystal Report 8.5 questions

hi All:

WinSim 2013
Crystal Reeport 8.5
Oracle ODBC 3.51

i am writing crystal report that summarize certain Accounts based on a range of dates.

everytime i try to run it, it returns with an ODBC driver and MySQL sytax error.
further investigation indicate the error arise of invoking a date field.

Anyone have any idea.

Also, how do you add this custom crystal report to Simply Accounting's report menu.

Thank you in advance

Robert Ng

06/24/21 06:51 PM
Re: Crystal Report 8.5 questions

Hello Robert, having an issue with the ODBC driver and MySQL sytax error is definitely something that I don't want to happen on anyone in the Accounting department especially if there is a payroll on the upcoming days. This issue is a pain the ass and I hope that you can fix it. play racing games on or tiles hop free play on emulatorpc if you want to try some challenging game. I am playing tiles hop with my friends and we are aiming for the top score.