10/26/16 08:18 AM
Financial Reporter

How do you get a sample financial statement to be used as your financial statement (for your company)? The extensions are not the same and I don't know how to change them. Help please.

10/26/16 08:35 AM
Re: Financial Reporter

Hi Arlene:
The sample financial statement specifications are in your \softrak\ledger\samdata folder starting with gl! and with the extension .SAM e.g. GL!Income.SAM
(or MCsamdata and .AMC for multi-currency)

Copy these files to your live Adagio data folder and change the extension (rename) to whatever your live data extension is.
Probably a good idea to back up your live data folder first.

This may not be very helpful unless your Chart of Accounts is similar to the sample data Chart of Accounts.

You will need to be sure to change all account number references in the spec to correspond to your Chart of Accounts, be sure all accounts are included, be sure the Net Income agrees to your trial balance and check the resulting financial statements carefully as if they were prepared manually.

Generally speaking, most companies need their financial statements written specifically for them.

If you need help, please email us at:

Andrew BatesAdministrator
10/28/16 05:17 PM
Re: Financial Reporter

In the Adagio Financial Reporter, you can also use File | Import Specification and select the statement you want. The Financial Reporter will change the extension for you.

BTW - You are on an Upgrade Plan and can post questions directly in the Softrak Technical Support Forum